Our Goal? Create another 1,000 entrepreneurs.


BETA’s mission is to support entrepreneurship with a focus on earning foreign exchange by leveraging global online marketplaces (Airbnb, Etsy, Teespring etc.) that highlight Barbados’ culture to the world. While this is our mission, our initial focus is to have Barbados be the first island to launch Airbnb 'Trips' - cultural experiences & immersions created by ordinary Barbadians.

Imagine an experience. Market it to millions.

Airbnb wants to partner with Barbados to highlight its unique culture to their 200M travelers. Barbadians that aren't able to host visitors in their homes can host their passion or hobby. 

Tourism for the people.

Take a look below for examples of 'Trips' (cultural experiences & immersions) offered right here in Barbados. If you get any ideas - sign up with us to share them and we'll help you craft your experience. 


Cultural Experiences & Immersions Offered By The BETA Host Community

Los Angeles - Sports Experience Hosted By Quinn

After meeting at my house, we'll surf all morning as I devote personalized instruction to you, then rest for lunch on the Malibu coast. Next we'll head to the campground to set up camp and go exploring the State Park. The evening will be capped off around the bonfire.

Rome - Entertainment Experience Hosted By Antonis


We'll walk around the neighborhood of Trastevere as I give you a tutorial on the basics of photography, both digital and analog. I'll show you hidden gems and paths while introducing you to the local Roman community! I'll give you photo tips along the way so you can make the most out of your camera. We'll review the photos over an espresso at my favorite cafe.

Toronto - History Experience Hosted By Jacqueline


Together we will trace the Toronto footsteps of abolitionists Harriet Tubman, Josiah Henson, and others. As we explore homes, churches, and cemeteries that played key roles in the Underground Railroad, we'll discuss why and how many black leaders—including former slaves—migrated to Toronto and built the foundations of a strong black community.

Sydney - Nature Experience Hosted By Helen & Ross


Leave behind your cares and paddle into Pittwater by kayak. Discover the best spots in the national park - accessible only by water! Paddle with us around Scotland Island & into a beautiful bay for morning tea on a secluded beach. Led by Ross, put on your shoes for a short bush walk among the gum trees, kookaburras and cockatoos to the Lovett Bay waterfall. We'll return to our marina with smiles.

Miami - Wellness Experience Hosted By Julian

AcroYoga is the perfect icebreaker. At a beautiful park by the bay, we’ll meet up with a group of my local friends and get acquainted while trying to balance ourselves on each other’s feet. Whether you’re a beginner or already have some AcroYoga experience, you’ll have a blast with some cool people! We’ll fuel up with some of my delicious homemade raw energy bars.

Barcelona - History Experience Hosted By Christina


Fishing and maritime culture have made Barcelona into the vibrant metropolis it is today. Let me show you! Starting by a walk along the port, we’ll meet local fishermen who will show us their boats, fishing techniques & various curiosities. After that we’ll visit the city’s ‘professionals only’ fish market where we’ll talk with sellers and learn more about Mediterranean fishmongering. 

Cape Town - Sports Experience Hosted By Buntu & Amanda 


Today, you'll get to participate in coaching the local kids in a weekly basketball clinic. We'll meet at the the community center and brief you on the center, what to expect of the session, and what role you'll play. Then we'll get to work and you'll get to meet the kids from Khayelitsha Special School. Be prepared to be active, sweat, and definitely be on your toes while having fun.


Tokyo - Food & Drinks Experience Hosted By Katsunori


Meet me at my own restaurant for an intro to sushi: how to eat it, why it tastes delicious, why you don’t put soy sauce in your sushi rice. These and many other rituals will be explained as you enjoy a tasting menu sitting at our prime sushi counter. Also, you will find the best sake through our sake testing. 日本語と英語通訳です。日本語で聞きたい方も大丈夫です。

The Future Is Female.jpg

Paris - History Experience Hosted By Heidi


Today we’ll discover the inner world of one of the world’s greatest scientists, Marie Curie—the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the first person (and only woman) to win it twice. We’ll gain VIP access to her living quarters and laboratory. You’ll hear her story from start to finish, gaining both knowledge and inspiration, and finishing with a refreshing beverage at my house.

San Francisco - Dancing Experience Hosted By Rob


You'll start off learning the salsa basics. We'll review the musical structure of salsa, the basic step, cross body lead and more. We'll work up quite the appetite, so, after class we'll dine in the Mission District on the BEST burritos in San Francisco. After eating, we'll head out to a local salsa night to practice our moves and dance the night away!

Cape Town - Social Impact Experience Hosted By Tony


The Langa Township Heritage Museum was once a court and pass office, where black people obtained passes during apartheid, as they were not allowed to move freely. Feel the museum come to life in an immersive reenactment, providing insight into the daily indignities suffered by black people during the apartheid era. Afterward, we'll meet the actors for a drink and reflect on the experience.

Barcelona - Music Experience Hosted By Tomas


Join us for a private Jazz / R&B / Soul concert inside a beautiful bohemian apartment in the centre of Barcelona. Take a seat, enjoy a drink and let the sweet music wash over you. We love jazz and believe that the most beautiful way to experience it is alongside musicians in an intimate and cosy environment.

Cape Town - Nature Experience Hosted By Dawn


Let’s get acquainted over a coffee and snack at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, where I’ll share some of my perspectives before we head into the aquarium for an exclusive one-on-one with a marine conservationist who will take us behind the scenes. We'll get background on their jellyfish program and dive into their turtle research and rehabilitation.