We encourage entrepreneurship using global online marketplaces such as Airbnb


Barbados is currently being threatened by both high unemployment and a foreign exchange crisis and we believe the solution is entrepreneurship with a focus on earning foreign exchange that stays in Barbados. The Barbados Entrepreneurship & Tourism Association (BETA) is a non-profit made up of hosts that encourages entrepreneurship using global online marketplaces. BETA aims to create 10,000 entrepreneurs by 2020 by lobbying the Government to draft legislation that creates enabling environments for these types of companies. This is directly in line with the nation's goal of being "The Entrepreneurial Hub of The Region By 2020."

Tourism is our business ; We're playing our part

Airbnb allows Barbadians to play a part in the tourism industry which over the past few decades was primarily controlled by a few privileged hoteliers. It provides both meaningful work and meaningful incomes to ordinary Barbadians and it allows individuals the opportunity to earn valuable foreign exchange for the country all the while contributing to the overall growth of the tourism industry which benefits from its presence and includes but is not limited to bars, restaurants, taxis, tour operators etc.

For the first time ever the tourism industry is in the hands of the people

These 10,000 entrepreneurs mentioned above include the more than 1,000 Tourism Entrepreneurs that have already been created by Bajan hosts on Airbnb. Sign up today



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